Beauty Education and Learn from Experienced Cosmetologists Beauty Education

Beauty Education

Starting a career in the beauty industry is a great way to express your talents in a creative, exciting, and professional environment. You’ll be working in salons with people who share your interests in helping craft their customer’s unique expression of style and beauty.

Personal appearance workers enjoy keeping up on the latest fashion and beauty techniques and often develop their beauty technician skills by attending training workshops and classes at salons, cosmetology schools, or industry trade shows. The beauty product industry also works closely with beauty specialists by introducing them to a wide range of beauty products and services. As retail sales become an increasingly important part of salons’ revenue, the ability to be an effective salesperson and beautician provides another means of generating income on top of beauty service fees and tips.

Successful personal appearance workers should have an understanding of fashion, art, and technical design. They should enjoy working with the public and be willing and able to follow client instructions. Communication, image, and attitude play an important role in career success, and business skills are important for those who plan on operating their own salons.

An education at Top Nails & Beauty School provides a foundation of experience and training that covers all of these important areas.

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Permanent Cosmetics

Cosmetology Instructor

Master Esthetics

Learn from Experienced Cosmetologists

At Top Nails & Beauty School, our educators are practicing in the field or owned salons and spas. This helps them stay current with the changes in the industry as well as keeping our students informed of the latest development in the career choices and expectations of salon owners.

Receive Extensive Drill Training

Drill training is important to nail technicians to keep up with the fast pace of society. Our students will have over 100 hours of drill experience before graduating from school.

Create Nail Art

Color glitter, pink and white, and nail art designs through hand-paint or airbrush are some of the most popular services you will perform in the field. Our students will be able to perfect these skills prior to graduation. We offer our students’ lifetime support in learning the latest techniques and technologies even after graduation.

Practice on Real Customers

Our school has a great reputation in the community and has a large customer base. Our students have many opportunities to practice on real customers before graduating. These opportunities prepare our students for a secure and professional career.

Program Time Schedule

  • Full time: 33 hours/week
  • Part-time: 18 hours/week
  • Half time: 12 hours/week
  • The morning class starts at 9 a.m.

Grading System

Students are required to maintain an average of 70% in all areas to be in satisfactory standing.

Theory: Quizzes and final exam
Practical: Phases and sanitation practices
Grading Scale: 90-100% Excellent, 80-89% Good, 70-80% Satisfactory, 0-69% Unsatisfactory

Performance improvement may be suggested whenever the school personnel believes that a student’s performance is less than satisfactory and can be resolved through adequate training and/or counseling. Corrective counseling is completely at the discretion of the school. The school expressly reserves the right to discharge “at will.” Even if corrective counseling is implemented, it may be terminated at any step at the discretion of school personnel. Instructors, at their sole discretion, may warn, reassign, suspend, or discharge any student at will. The instructor, with assistance from the Administrator, will determine the course of action best suited to the circumstances.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Top Nails & Hair Beauty School, students need must fulfill their total program hour requirement, complete all testing with a minimum of 70% GPA, and meet all financial obligations to the school. Graduating students receive a certificate of achievement upon completion of their program.

Job Placement and Career Counseling

Top Nails & Hair Beauty School assists but does not guarantee job placement for our graduates. While you are a student, job postings will be posted on the educational/job bulletin board. Any student interested in a position may contact our school administrator and all efforts will be made to set up an interview on your behalf. We are also available to help students with résumé writing and suggest some internet sites where a student could seek out job opportunities.

Upon graduation, the student’s name is recorded in a placement register for the follow-up process. Results from the Utah State Board Tests of written and practical are recorded as passed or failed. Students that failed the exam are encouraged to return to Top Nails & Hair Beauty School for assistance and guidance for subsequent attempts to pass the exam. The school advises the students individually as often as necessary. Advising takes place in monitoring the student progress as scheduled for the period of enrollment. Students may also request additional career advising or other help from the instructor or administration. If the problem is outside the school’s administration’s area of expertise, we do maintain a list of outside referral agencies.

Education is the best key success in life. Prepares you for a career in cosmetology with a dynamic and creative